gianfranco giovagnoli

Gianfranco Giovagnoli is mainly interested in urban landscape photography.
He was born in 1952 in Monterchi (Arezzo).
In 1960 he moved to Signa, in the province of Florence.
He lives and works in Capraia Fiorentina (Florence).
In 1974 he started to work as railwayman; between 1981 and 1993 he worked as photographer for the Italian review “Linea Treno”.
In 1993 he started to devote himself to photography.
His first historic, artistic and architectonic studies date back to 1985, and they were published year after year by different local organizations or by the body of the Province of Florence.

Photography is the most direct mean to register the reality; when it is represented faithfully without manipulations, reality gets the value of a real document.
My work proves by documents the evolution of to-day customs, linked to consumerism, and their influence over outskirts.
I am convinced that photography can be a mean to stir up the public opinion.
I underline the marginal urban aspects, in particular those which are not considered interesting from a urbanistic, historic and architectonic point of view, showing all aspects which are forgotten but which should be revalued.

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